After a bachelor degree in law, Ève Deboise studies at the Beaux-Arts school in Paris, before graduating from la Fémis in Scriptwriting. She meets Rithy Panh and writes his first two feature-films. She adapts Henry James for Olivier Schatzky, then collaborates with Christophe Blanc, Maria de Medeiros and also works with Tonie Marshall, Jean-Claude Carrière, Danièle Thompson... After two short films, she directs her first feature film Lost Paradise, which won the Grand Prix at the prestigious Jeonju Festival in Korea in 2012. She is currently preparing her next feature film, Little Lesson of Love, which will be shot in 2020.



Feature film, 1h33, color, 2012

With Pauline Etienne, Olivier Rabourdin, Florence Thomassin, Ouassini Embarek

Produced by Blue Monday Productions

Coproduction Fontana - Belgique, France 3 Cinéma

 French release July 4, 2012- Epicentre Films

Laureate from the Fondation Gan for the Cinema 2009
Screenplay selected for the Atelier Grand Nord 2009
Grand Award - Jeonju International Film Festival
Brussels International Film Festival
Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival
FEST 2012 International Film Festival (Portugal)
Foix, Prades, Rencontres de l’Aude (France)


L’homme du lac - 2008
By Tonie Marshall
Production : Tabo Tabo Films

Initiation - 2007
By Stéphanie Girerd
Rewriting with the director
In collaboration with Agnès de Sacy
Production : 31 Juin Films

A ciel ouvert - 2006
By George Walker-Torres
Screenplay consultant

Ti Amo - 2005
Screenplay in collaboration with Nadine Lamari
Production : Gemini.
Finalist of the Best ScreenwriterGrand Prize
Foundation Gan Prize

April Captains - 2000
By Maria de Medeiros
Writing with the director
Official Selection Cannes 2000
Production : JBA Production
Finalist of the Best ScreenwriterGrand Prize 1997
Foundation Gan Prize

An outward woman - 2000
By Christophe Blanc
Co-written with the director and Roger Bohbot
Sunday Morning Productions



Short film, 25 minutes, color, 35mm, 2001

With Elsa Perrier, Olivier Gourmet, Clémence Poésy

Produced by Movimento

Jury's Special Prize - Nice
Quality Prize CNC
Screenplay First Prize - Rhône-Alpes Region
Créteil, Pantin, Cinéssonne, Metz, Clermont-Ferrand, La Ciotat, Namur, Villeurbanne, Paris Festival, Tanger
« Les Lutins du court-métrage » Festival


Short film, 30 minutes, 2002

Produced by Movimento

Shot for an actors training

Quality Prize CNC

One evening after the war - 1998
By Rithy Panh.
Official Selection Cannes 1998
Co-written with the director
Production : JBA Production
Beaumarchais Foundation's Laureate
Foundation Gan Prize

The Pupil - 1996
By Olivier Schatzky, based on the novella Henry James
Production : Ocelot Productions
Foundation Gan Prize

The Rice People - 1994
By Rithy Panh
Official Selection Cannes 1994
Production : JBA Production
Best Screenplay Grand Prize 1992
Laureate of : European Script Fund, Bals Foundation, Beaumarchais Foundation, Villa Médicis