By Ève Deboise

French release July 4, 2012

Duration 1h33

With Pauline Etienne, Olivier Rabourdin, Florence Thomassin, Ouassini Embarek, Cédric Vieira, Tilla Perez-Houis

Screenplay by Ève Deboise and Nadine Lamari

Synopsis Seventeen-year-old Lucie lives with her father, Hugo, in a plant nursery in the south of France. Their work keeps them in touch with nature on a daily basis; it absorbs them and makes up for the absence of Lucie's mother, who left a year earlier and hasn't been heard from since. This absence reinforces the bond - tender and suffocating, reassuring and dangerous - between father and daughter. But one day, Lucie's mother returns, provoking Hugo's jealousy and uncontrollable anger.

Produced by
Blue Monday Productions

In coproduction with
France 3 Cinéma
Fontana - Belgium

French Distributor
Epicentre Films

Supported by
Ciné +
French-speaking Community of Belgium
Fondation Groupama Gan
France Télévision Distribution

Laureate from the Fondation Gan for the Cinema 2009

Screenplay selected for the Atelier Grand Nord 2009

Orense International Film Festival - Spain
Grand Award for best film
Best Actress Award for Pauline Etienne

Jeonju International Film Festival - South Korea
Grand Award

Bruxelles International Film Festival
Be TV Award
Washington Film Festival
Minneapolis St.Paul International Film Festival
CPH PIX - Copenhague