By Christophe Blanc

Television film for Arte

With Mercedes Cecchetto, Laura Locatelli, Richard Morgiève, Nadine Marcovici, Nathalie Krebs, Jean-Yves Dubois

Synopsis It's a story about Sabine, who believes that from the heights of the age of 16 until the depths of her hotel school, that life is mapped out for her.

The story of a young girl who is taught to wait on others and who is deeply displeased by it, well aware that hidden behind the professional gestures lies a caricature of the world: those who exploit others in all decency.

So yes, Sabine has dreams; because she's a young girl. Her head is buzzing, her legs trembling. Oh, if dad had the great idea to let her take to her wings! The taste of life, should she smell it, would be hers for the taking.

Father finishes by giving in. It's his destiny. Farewell grim country. Paris is all mine! Sabine's body is part of the trip. She'll know how to use it, in no cynical way but out of love for life; which is not necessarily the best way to avoid being betrayed.

Face to face with the big city lights, here is Sabine's new life. Sabine discovers new ways of dishing it out, the great extent of servitude, and the never-ending power of money…

"A Big Girl Like You" is the story of an everyday teenage girl who wonders who she is and of whom society asks just one thing: of what use are you ?

Produced by
Sunday Morning Productions

In coproduction with
Arte France

International sales
Pyramide International

Supported by
Arte France

Festival Selections
Berlin Panorama, Jerusalem, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Vancouver, Cardiff, Brighton