By Magaly Richard-Serrano

French release November 30, 2016

Duration 1h29

With Annabelle Lengronne, William Lebghil, Ralph Amoussou, Jackee Toto, Doudou Masta, Camélia Jordana, India Hair, Laetitia Dosch

Screenplay by Claude Le Pape and Magaly Richard-Serrano

Original soundtrack by Oxmo Puccino, Côme Aguiar et Jérôme Bensoussan

Synopsis Omen is an unconditional fan of Stan, a black female singer of devastating rap. He is no doubt one of the last fans, given how the group she sings in is tanking! The day he accidentally crosses paths with his idol, Omen offers to be her "multi-purpose handyman driver." Against her group's advice, Stan takes this little white guy on board. It's true he often seems half-asleep, bordering on a total screw-up, and she seems to be the only one to glimpse his (well hidden) talents.

Produced by
Blue Monday Productions

French distributor
Condor Entertainment

International sales 
Other Angle Pictures

Supported by
Région Ile de France
Région Haute Normandie
Département Val de Marne
Ciné +
Cofinova 12

Sarlat Film Festival (France)

Auch Film Festival (France)

Annabelle Lengronne and William Lebghil were prenominated at Cesar Revelations 2017 in the categories
« Most Promising Actress » and « Most Promising Actor »