By Nadir Moknèche

French release April 7,  2004

Duration 1h35

With Lubna Azabal, Biyouna, Nadia Kaci, Jalil Naciri, Waguih Takla, Lounès Tazairt, Aissa Fabien Busetta, Akim Isker

Screenplay by Nadir Moknèche

Original soundtrack by Pierre Bastaroli

Synopsis Algiers, the winter of 2003. Three women, a mother, her daughter and a prostitute have been living in a hotel in the centre of town since the start of the violence. 

Goucem, the daughter, has made an emancipated life for herself, working for a photographer, taking a generous, married lover and spending steamy weekends in nightclubs. 

Fifi, her faithful friend, prostitutes herself, under the thumb of a powerful and "kind" protector. 

Papicha, the mother, eats pizzas in front of the TV, torn between fear and the nostalgia of her former fame as a cabaret dancer. 

And even if death is constantly and insidiously at their doorstep, they resolutely refuse to give up the fight!

Produced by
Sunday Morning Productions

In coproduction with
Arte France Cinéma
Need Productions - Belgium
BL Prod - Algeria

French distributor and International sales
Les Films du Losange

Supported by
Gimages Films
« Year of Algeria »’s French Committee
Ile-de-France region
French Community in Belgium

International Festival of Francophone Film & Video in Acadie (Fifca)
Best Feature Film Prize

Bratislava International Film Festival
Critics’ Prize

Athens International Film Festival
Jury’s Prize

Festival Selections
Yokohama, Munich, Karlovy Vary, Valenciennes, Mons, Seoul, New York, Thessaloniki, Rotterdam