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By Orso Miret

French release February 21,  2001

Duration 1h59

With Yann Goven, Olivier Gourmet, Brigitte Catillon, Martine Audrain, Jocelyne Desverchere, Stéphanie Bierry, Jacques Spiesser, Katty Loisel

Screenplay by Orso Miret, Roger Bohbot and Agnès de Sacy

Synopsis Olivier is preparing his thesis on the history of French Resistance members shot during World War II. His best friend, Guy, works in a book shop and provides him with the materials necessary for his research. What Olivier really wants is to meet Guy’s father who, at the end of the war, miraculously escaped from a group execution. 

The young bookseller procrastinates and the meeting never takes place: Guy hides from Olivier the news that the former Resistance hero has just recently died. 

Avoiding grief, Guy is gradually overtaken by a feeling of guilt: he soon blames himself for eradicating all trace of his father by honoring the deceased’s wish to be cremated. He returns to the bosom of the family, obsessed by the idea of his dead father.

He finds his sister Danielle and brother Fabien worried about their mother, debilitated, both physically and mentally, by sorrow. Despite his siblings’ warnings, Guy insists on commemorating his father and taking sole charge of his mother. When she is hospitalized due to illness, Guy returns home, prey to increasing madness.

Produced by
Sunday Morning Productions

In coproduction with
Arte France Cinéma

French distributor
Les Films du Losange

Internationales sales
Films Distribution

Supported by
Canal +
Gimages 3
Centre region

Jean Vigo Prize

Entrevues - Belfort Festival
Gérard Frot-Coutaz Prize

Altadis Prize

French Union of Film Critics
Best First Feature Film Prize

Cyril Collard Prize

Critics’ Week – Cannes Festival 2000

Festival Selections
Acadie Film Festival, Florence, Belfort, Dublin, Ankara