By Yves Caumon

French relase February 1, 2006

Duration 1h31

With Bernard Blancan, Lucia Sanchez, Antoine Chappey, Gaël Le Ferec, Eloïse Guerin, Saadia Bentaïeb, Dimitri Rafalsky, Jacques Boudet

Screenplay by Yves Caumon and Emmanuelle Jacob

Original soundtrack by Pascal Le Pennec and Thierry Machuel

Synopsis It's a tale? The story of an expropriated farmer who hides himself in the bottom of a well. From his well, he observes the newcomers in his own house. He tries to understand, as well as to take part in the family life from which he is excluded. People see him as a ghost. This leads to several comic misunderstandings. Raymond gradually emerges from his well. He cannot be a ghost forever. He has to have a life once and for all?  

Produced by
Sunday Morning Productions

French distributor
Les Films du Losange

International sales
Films Distribution

Supported by
Centre region
Midi-Pyrénées region
Programme Media

Cannes Festival 2005
Director’s Fortnight

Festival Selections
Hambourg, Montréal, Lama, Gindou, Pau, Auch