AMOUR 1.png


By Yves Caumon

French release November 21, 2001

Duration 1h42

With Mathieu Amalric, Lauryl Brossier, Fabrice Cals,
Michèle Gary, Roger Souza, Bernard Blancan

Screenplay by Yves Caumon

Original soundtrack by Thierry Machuel

Synopsis Paul, 28, is an eternal student. He rarely returns home to the family farm, and if he’s back this time it is only because his father is ill. Unwillingly thrust into the world of his childhood, Paul rediscovers people he once knew: his father and mother, of course, but also his best friend Thierry, always ready to have a wild time, and Odile, a neighbor who was “in love with him when she was little.” Paul’s initial desire to get away as soon as he can means he isn’t always on his best behavior, but the more time passes, the less he wants to leave. Little by little he feels guilty about having abandoned those close to him. He even comes to regret everything he’d left behind. He then tries to make up for lost time, to be kind and generous. Starting from scratch, as though time had changed nothing, he gives himself a second chance.

Produced by
Sunday Morning Productions

French distributor
Océan Films

International sales
Celluloïd Dreams

Supported by
Canal +
Midi-Pyrénées region
Centre region
Tarn General Council

Cannes Festival 2001
« Un Certain Regard » Prize 

Jean Carmet Moulins Festival
Best Actress Award

Edinburgh International Film Festival

Oman International Film Festival
Silver Ganja

Festival Selections
Namur, Vancouver, Damas, Turin, Göteborg,
Buenos Aires, Kiev