By Nikos Cornilios

French release September 15, 2004

Niki Miha, Socrates Androulidakis, Pantelis Trayannis, Fotini Mourati, Yanna Karanikolopoulou

Screenplay by Nikos Cornilios

Synopsis They're a gang of five: Maria, Eleni, Anna, Yorgos and Yannis. They're about fifteen-years-old and up until now, life has been tough for them. They've grown up as state wards and all they have is their friendship. When Eleni wants to find the traces of the mother that she's never known, even if it's only her tomb, they all take off with her. While rummaging in their pasts, they discover the world's far distant past, and these young people left by the wayside will become the gods' chosen ones when, thanks to their friendship, they discover the way that leads to beauty.